December 28th, 2002


(no subject)

Just in case you care, I changed my livejournal colors. Everthing is so purple! I'm also going to make a new icon with the new digicam soon. I tried yesterday and found out that I am horribly un-photogenic, but maybe I'll look better some other day?

Thursday Cassi and I, along with the rest of America, went shopping and took advantage of all the post-Christmas sales (yay for being such consumers). I got new pants, two shirts, and a new bag. So exciting and I still need to get more! Sometime next week we must go again.

Yesterday we went back to Ayesha's (fourth time in a week), where it ended up being just us, her and Sara again(third time this week). It was fun but I have decided that next time they are coming over here because a)we actually have food in our house and b)we might do something other than just watching digital cable.

Right now I have absolutely nooooothinnng to do and I'm incredibly bored. Agh, I really hate the rain.