December 23rd, 2002


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Ugh, so bored. At least this weekend was awesome. Saturday Tim came, putting my dad in a scarily cheery mood. Cass and I used this to our advantage and got him to let us go to the L3! So much fun hanging out with everyone and all the bands were great. I love you all!

Yesterday Cass and I went over to Ayesha's with Sara. I love those girls, and guess what? Sara might come to Bentley next year! yay! We didn't feel like walking all the way to Shattuck so Cassi and I opened their eyes to the wonders that are puclictrans. We got there way too late for the movie so went to Mel's (our new hang out), talked about the cute waiter, got a free cup of cherries and nearly peed our pants talking about the most random shit ever. After going back to Esha's we acted crazy and then watched "Everbody's Doing It", the new MTV movie. ahaha, so great, I wish that I had cable.

Today I'm just sitting on my ass being bored because we can't get a ride anywhere until like two, and I have to swim at three. As much as morning practice sucks, afternoons just ruin the whole day!