December 18th, 2002


(no subject)

Ah, why are Cassi and I so cool (and by cool I mean nerdy? We are currently sending Rent tunes to eachother via instant message. ("I want to put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger!")

I'm half was through with finals! I had my english and spanish tests today. Hm, I probably should have studied for Spanish a little but I think that I did fine. English was easy but I filled up the whole booklet thingy (about 15 pages about 2/3 the size of a regular page-front and back) with my tiny handwriting. I was writing for two hours straight, and I'm sure if you looked close enough you may have been able to see smoke coming from my pencil tip. My hand was about to fall off. I'll study for history after Dawson's Creek.

When I got home had a long overdue "chick day!" with Jade and watched the DVD of White Oleander (because we have connections and for some reason got it way early). Such a sad movie and since a lot was left out I don't think that it will ruin the book which I hope to read over break.

We swam at holy names today and I had to get out after like 45 minutes due to my lack of insulation. I'm still cold. Time for peppermint tea.