December 17th, 2002


(no subject)

Okay, whatever. I only really need to study for History and Bio. I had my music today and the review we 'd done in class was all the preparation I did, and let me tell you, that test was a piece of cake (I hope). So, I'll study for two out of six finals. I think that 2/3's is more than sufficient.

Oh god, now here we go with that stress cycle again.
Tomorrow I have English and Spanish, and then I get out early!

Gr, it sucks being a freshman! I defintely got some of my last priorities for mini-semesters: Spanish Cinema and some exploring art thing. Oh well, I'm with friends so that should be alright.

Ah, it's so close to break yet so far away! I can't wait. It will be like two weeks of summer, just with a lot crappier weather! (by the way, I don't see how anyone could like the rain. Unless you live in Yosemite or something, it's not beautiful, it just makes thing darm and cold and soggy and muddy. Around here we call that uncomfortable.)