December 16th, 2002


(no subject)

Oy Vey! Brain Overload (in the words of Sara). I swear to god if I study anymore I'm going to explode. Today and tomorrow are review days, meaning (for most classes, at least) that our teacher just say "just study for the whole period". I have been reading and re-reading my notes all day. Of course if I stop and think to myself that I know the material something in my mind asks "why aren't you stressing?! These are finals!" So then I get stressed about not being as worried as I should be. Such a vicious cycle.

I guess to help relieve the stress (?) our teachers decided to try to be funny today. More like scary, but it was still somewhat amusing. They dressed up in crazy outfits and during town meeting got up and said "English/Math/Latin/etc. is sexy!". They then preceded to turn on some techno music and dance (by the way, Mr. Ganio does a bad robot) while pelting candy at our heads. Happy Holidays!

Well, good luck to everyone who has finals this week! I'll be sending you all good vibes!