December 15th, 2002


(no subject)

There is a reason that the word "dying" can be found in "studying". I don't remember any of this stuff, even though we learned it just a few months ago. Finals really need to die.

Yesterday I went to the Bay Street mall for the first time. Very cool, and I can't wait for more of it to be opened/built. Of course while I was there I neglected to buy Secret Santa presents, which I really need to get. Lucky old me got the head of the school's daughter, not to mention the biggest bitch in the school.

Last night was alright. Pretty boring until Solemite played. Oh yes, and can I just say that I really can't wait for the CD? We didn't get home very late but I slept the latest I've probably slept in for a long time (until 10:00, hehe). Now I'm just jumping up and down with anticipation for my day of studying. I should probably start doing that soon. Blechhh.

P.S. New icon. It has no significance except for the fact that I found this bull adorable.