December 10th, 2002


(no subject)

I was stranded out in the cold today at Rockridge BART (second time since August!). Not fun. I was walking up, almost to the door of the bus, and the busdriver closes the doors and drives away! I could have sworn she saw me! So then I had to run down the street screaming with my 100 pound back pack bouncing up and down, and everyone was giving me strange looks.

But, oh no, my troubles did not end there. Of course, the bus doesn't stop, and it turns out that I forgot my cell phone! I didn't know what to do because I was a little bit scared to talk to anyone there, so finally I found a safe-looking boy and asked to use his phone.

Of course I don't know my mother's new cell phone number so I have to call the house where my father begins to swear at me! Excuse me, its not my fault that the bus came abnormally early today and didn't wait for anyone! Anyway, my mom came, but only after making me wait in the freezing cold rain for half an hour. (I got to talk to phone boy-who's name I've forgotten- for about 20 of those minutes though).

Also, I just have to add, I got an A- on my bio test. I normally wouldn't be that excited, but this is Bio, the subject of the devil and the class that totally fucks up my average.