December 9th, 2002


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I've come to the conclusion that I complain to much in this journal. I will try to stop whining so frequenty...starting tomorrow.

So, my day hasn't been so great. When I'm sick every little thing that pisses me off is magnified 100 times and I find myself irrationally upset.

It seems like I am hanging out with fourth graders. If you care to read about my oh-so-dramatic day, or just want to waste time you can Collapse ) You know you want to read about my ever so exciting life!

In other news:

If you read my journal and I don't know about it, PLEASE let me know. (especially if your screen name is babee####).

Congratulations to Solemite! I'm so happy for them and still in disbelief. I wish I could have been there last night/could be there on Friday, but you all have fun!! (They are still playing on Saturday, right?)

I've decided that finals won't be soo bad. Math and Spanish will be easy because we have just built on what we have learned all semester. Music, we are spending forever reviewing, and he is going to have many questions from previous tests. English is just basically pulling a bunch of bullshit out of your ass, which I pride myself it. History will probably be medium, but Mrs, Ludwick's tests are never bad. Biology of course will be incredibly painful, but at least now I don't have quite as much to worry about.