November 26th, 2002


long ass entry...

First and foremost I would like to say what the fuck? I swear Cassi is so much better friends with all of the Bentley girls than I am. They are even reading her livejournal now! Haha. I guess we can see who got the social gene (if you haven't already noticed that she already talks to people waaay more than I do).

Okay, so Mission Viejo. We got there Friday, warmed up and had the big shavedown. Oh my god, if you have ever gone one month without shaving than you know the sheer joy of finally being able to shave. Of course Becca volunteers to have it in our room so our room got all hairy and wet and gross. Later that night, after Marisa and Iso got there we had our team meeting and I learned that they didn't fucking get my meet sheet!! I nearly freaked out because I went all the way to Socal and trained my butt off for nothing! Luckily I was able to sign up there.

Saturday the swimming went well, and that night we saw James Bond. I fell asleep. Sunday was alright. I have decided that I hate 100 Free because I haven't improved in it forever. Sunday night everyone except for me, Becca and Mavra left. We went bowling and then to some Camelot place to watch Jon hit baseballs.

On Monday Mavra left to go on some cruise so it was just me, Becca and some little kids. We went to Disneyland....ugh. I have been there way too many times and it's soo huge! MY feet hurt after about an hour.

Alright, so that recap was a little bit rushed and crappy (not that you would be interested) because my relatives are going to be here in five fucking minutes. Ahh, I just need some time to relax. I got back at like 12:30 last night, went to sleep, went to bed at 5:30 to do homework, and when I got home from school I had to clean my fucking house. (sorry for the over-usage to the curses, I'm in a bad mood). Seriously, annoying little cousins and smothering grandparents are NOT what I need right now. Thanksgiving isn't until Thursday, come then! I have such a headache right now and just really need to be alone, but NO! I guess that won't happen.

I don't think that any of my thoughts make sense when I am in such a hurry/pissy mood. Sorry.