November 19th, 2002


(no subject)

Really, when you think about it, it's basically Winter Break. I mean, I'm not going to be at school Friday or Monday so I only have two more days this week and one next week. After that I just have one A week and one B week, and B week Wednesdays barely count because I have block study hall. The following week is finals week and although that sucks that doesn't -really- count as school. So..I really only have twelve more school days until Winter Break! Woohoo! (I could go on and tell you about how it's almost Spring Break and almost Summer Break but I won't bore you.)

Agh, I feel like suuuchh shiiitt. Being sick is no fun. Neither is school. Christine Woodin should be locked up for being incredibly annoying and having scary looking eyes. It was soo funny today, she brought chocolate chip bagels for her advisory and I'm not sure what happened but somehow she managed to sit on one, or get some chocolate chips on her chair and sit in it. It looked like there was shit on her ass!! HAHA. Priya and I neglected to tell her but then Andrew had to blow it. Also, we have video tapes at our school and Kirin and I found the room where they watch us!

Dude, we have to do presentations on different books of the Odyssey and I got stuck with Ari! Ah, the sleeper/moaner with the hairy mole on his leg! Kirin says that he should come over to our house so we can work on it together. I think not!