October 1st, 2002


I can't explain, you're such a pain.

Not much exciting has happened lately. Just school, which of course sucks. I am considering writing a letter to the administration (or whoever handles these issues) stressing the students' need for a red bull machine on campus. However, I would have you know that coffee in the morning along with two iced teas and a coke during the day works pretty well too. (I could not stop moving in history.)

I watched Smallville tonight and I have every intention of tuning in tomorrow night for the premiere of Dawson's Creek (regardless whether or not Jack Osbourne is in it). Oh W.B. shows, I missed them oh so much over the summer.

Alright, now a question for all of you out there. I could very possibly just be trippin' but it seemed that the words for Don't Say No were different. Something about turining of a light or putting up a fight (rather than needing you tonight and getting the feeling right), but I'm not sure. I could just be imagining things.

It's past my bedtime, and I don't know why I am updating because I have nothing remotely exciting to say. My math teacher got balloons today from his "well, she's not really my girlfriend but you know...". I nearly blurted out, "you mean your fuckbuddy?" but I refrained.
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