September 22nd, 2002


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Why is Roy Buckstein here? Honestly now, I realize that his wife just left him but that does not mean he can come into our home and intrude on our Sunday moring. He talks to loud and I'm not in a polite mood.

Yesterday my mom read me some of her diary entries from when she was eighteen or so (like a senior of a freshman in college.) Some of her entries were quite intelligent and articulate, she had a very mature and developed view of the world for someone so young. Others were just these ramblings about some guy she liked and how crazy she was over him. She read me one about how her mother was driving her crazy and said "see, I'm not the only one". Um yes mother, I realize that but don't pretend like you understand because I don't see you showing any effort to not drive me crazy. But I guess that's just a mother's job, right?

Today, I should stay home and slave away on my massive amount of homework that was assigned to me this weekend. But no, I choose to go shopping instead. Well, that is if Sara, Morgan or Audrey calls us back. I do need clothes though. It's been too long since I have been shopping and since I'm not spending my money on anything else this month I can buy more. :)

September is almost sort of over. Mom and dad should let us go to two show per month again (after this, that is.) We will see, now won't we?


I'm bored.

The Alphabet Survey:
A-Age: Fourteen (and 7/12 on Tuesday if you want to be a nerd about it)
B-Best Friend: Don't really have one best friend.
C-Choice of Meat: I'm not a big meat fan. If fish counts then salmon.
D-Dream Date: Anything that ends in banging sex. Haha...
E-Exciting Adventure: Going to Hogwarts and learning magic.
F-Favorite Food: Matzah and Sugar Cones!
G-Greatest Accomplishment: Um, I have never really achieved anything all that great.
H-Happiest Day Of Your Life: Hm, I'm not sure. I have a bunch of happy days but none really stand out.
I-Interests: swimming, music, friends, etc.
J-Joke: I'm sure you have all heard my muffin joke before, it's my favorite.
K-Kool-Aid: The "special" Kool Aid. Hehe.
L-Love: What about it?
M-Most Valued: Um, I don't know.
N-Name: Jessie
O-Outfit You Love: Anything that is comfortable. I"m not big on fashion but I like to look cute.
P-Pizza Toppings: I don't really like pizza all that much.
Q-Question Asked To You the Most: "So do you like being a twin?" Or something like that.
R-Radio Station: I don't listen to the radio all that much. Sometimes Alice of 104.9. The Drive is good too, I listen to it with mi padres.
S-Sport: Swimming.
T-Television Show: Real World. (so what if I don't have MTV?)
U-Umbrella in the rain? I don't use an umbrella, they are too much of an inconvience
V-Video: What about them? This is a confusing survey and I don't like it.
W-Winter: I like having the heater constantly on.
X-X-rays recently? nope, I'm getting teeth x-rays tomorrow though.
Y-Year Born: The year of the Dragon.
Z-Zodiac Sign: Pices