September 14th, 2002


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what britney spears video are you?

(brought you by april)


I'm so glad it's finally the weekend. I hate school. Well actually, my classes are alright, but just how I have to follow a strict schedule every day and I get like no time for breaks. I like freedom. I miss summer.

I am also annoyed way too easily by everyone at school. I mean, let me just give you an example:

Jen (on Hayes asking out Maya): Oh my god, you guys! Did you hear? Hayes just asked out an ugly girl, we -have- to break them up!

Um, Excusme if she doesn't wake up at 5:30 am each morning to make her hair and makeup perfect, but I think Maya is fine looking and not nearly as annoying as you (and many other people.)

Anyway, this afternoon/tonight/tomorrow morning is Sarah L's birthday. I guess it should be alright, slumber parties are always fun. I kind of wish that Chelsea or Morgan were going for some reason. Haha, I never thought I would say that but I really do miss them and even they are looking promising at the moment.If Alex(a) is there I have to ask her if she likes Toven. Haha, even though he is annoying he is so funny about it and really wants to know because no girl has ever liked him before. He called me at like midnight last night (awaking me from my slumber) just reminding me to ask her.

Oh yes, and History and Biology tests:Gawd Dammit. Not fun. I hope they are lost in a tragic fire.(but that no one dies.)