August 21st, 2002


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Your Statistics.
-name:Down Town Jessie Brown
-what sex you are: Female.
-what gender you identify with: Female.
-age: Fourteen
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I'm bored. I'm babysitting today, woopdey fucking doo. Dad showed me some article about the S.A.T's this morning. It said that people did better with coaching and he implied that I could have gotten into CPS if I got coaching on the ISEE's. Um no Dad, because I got better than every girl I know and probably better than basically every girl who got in there. It also mentioned how the S.A.T's are going to change the year I take them, which kind of sucks because the only reason I did that whole John Hopkins thing was so I could have practice. Whatever. I swear my dad is already thinking about college, every s ingle article he sees that has to do with it he makes me read. Jeez daddy, I'm not even in high school yet!

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