August 15th, 2002



Today I went into the city and hung out with Nora, Julia, Glory, Sunny and Cass(well, of course.) It was really fun. Good times.
Then I had 15 minutes to look like I had been shopping all day so I ran through the mall trying on a bunch of random things. I actually got 3 items which I more than I usually get in a few hours.
I saw "Mamma Mia" with my mommy. It was actually pretty funny. Musicals amuse me to no end, how they just burst out into song at any random moment.
I made my mom come with me to go feed the cats up the street that we are sitting the next few days. I don't like my street at 11:30 at night. We opened the door but it was still kind of locked on the top. (it opened part of the way.) When we heard some noises upstairs we remembered that they said that they were leaving Friday, so we shut the door quickly and ran down the street as fast as we could. It was hilarious.