August 8th, 2002


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5 things I hate:
3)stomach/head aches
4)not being able to stop biting my nails
5)dentist drills

5 books I could read over and over:
*The Giver
*Sister of MY heart
*Georgia Nicholson series
*CAt's Cradle
*The Bell Jar

5 movies I can't get enough of:
*Ghost World
*Breakfast Club
*Sixteen Candles
*Ferris Bueller's Day Off

5 CDs that you couldn't live without:
*Pop!..and other songs to keep your Summer Bumpin(mix)
*any of the ebas cds
*Word Up Bizzatch(mix)
*Back in the Day(mix)

5 things I like about myself:
*my toes
*My opinionated-ess(which I don't think is a word)
*My dedication
*My flutter kick
*My ability to suck up to people (Haha, just think where I would be without it)

5 celebrities I would have monkey sex with:
*Josh Hartnett
*Brandon Boyd
*Jimmy Fallon
*Hayden Christensen
*Anyone from B2K. (HAha)

5 things that make me cry:
*Not getting what I want
*If I work really hard for something and don't get rewarded
*mean people

5 places that I want to go to the most:
*Stanford(well that's where I want to go right now, but that will probably change seeing as I have a while)
*New York (Well, I have been there but I love it and want to go back.)

5 occupations I could see myself enjoying:
*idea (sorry for the swearing, but I needed a 5th word)

5 Best Concerts:
Ever concert I go to is great fun.

5 TV shows that I can stand:
*American Idol
*Real World
*Dawson's Creek
*Will and Grace

5 role models of mine:
Ack, I don't know.

5 things that have made me smile in the past 5 days:
*Karen's CD
*Getting paid
*Mike's post(haha, I know, I'm a nerd)
*The "Got Bagels" song.
*Jamba Juice

5 things I have to look forward to in the next 5 months:
*starting high school (I guess I'm sort of excited)
*Breaking 00
*New Years
*Solemite and KGB's new CDs.

5 things I enjoy doing:
*going online
*going to shows and listening to music
*making cds
*Being with my friends

5 coolest things that have happened so far this summer:
*Going to a ton of shows(what can I say? I may be a little bit obsessed)
*Went to Maui
*Went to Wyoming
*Met cool people such as Nora, Sunny, Patty, Alissa etc.
*swam a lot

5 songs that you connect with right now:
*Got Bagels, Got Bagels Bitch"-Jew Crew(haha!)
*Hot in Herre-Nelly(haha)

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x. name =Jessie Brown
x. birthday = February 24th
x. piercings = Two on each of my earlobes.
x. tattoos = Nope
x. height = Between 4'11" and 5 feet.
x. shoe size = 6 woman
x. hair color = Brown
x. length = Shoulder. It needs cutting
x. siblings = My twin Cassi who I love for babysitting for me this morning!
x. pets = An irritable cat named Leopard. (creative, huh?)

x. movie you rented = Memento
x. movie you bought = Jeez, I don't know, we don't buy movies.
x. song you listened to = Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones
x. song that was stuck in your head = Imagine by John Lennon. (I have been listening to oldies.)
x. song you've downloaded = Something by Norah Jones too!
x. cd you bought = I honestly don't remember
x. cd you listened to = Back in the Day
x. person you've called = MY dad, telling him to pick me up from the pool
x. person that's called you = Karen
x. tv show you've watched = Good Morning America
x. person you were thinking of = You

x. you have a bf or gf = Nope.
x. you have a crush on someone = Yeah, kind of.
x. you wish you could live-I am alive.
x. you believe in online dating = No
x. others find you attractive =Well, people say good things but they could just be being nice.
x. you want more piercings =Yeah.
x. you want more tattoos = No.
x. you drink = Orange Juice, Soda, Chocolate milk. Not alcohol.
x. you do drugs = Nope
x. you smoke = Nope.
x. you like cleaning = Well, yes, sometimes.
x. you like roller coasters = Yeah! Unless they jerk my head around too much and hurt my neck.
x. you write in cursive or print = Print.
x. you carry a donor card = Nope.

for or against...
x. long distance relationships = If you can make it work that go right ahead.
x. using someone = Against.
x. suicide = Against.
x. killing people = Against.
x. teenage smoking = Against.
x. doing drugs = Against.
x. premarital sex = Up to you.
x. driving drunk = Against.
x. gay/lesbian relationships = For.
x. soap operas = For like no other.

x. food = Smoothies, bagels, Matzah, chocolate milk.
x. song = So, so many.
x. thing to talk about = Bands/Music/Funny Random things
x. sports = Swimming
x. drinks = Pineapple Aqua Frescas from Picante
x. clothes = anything comfy
x. movies = Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead!! HAha.
x. band = So, so, many.
x. holiday = MY Birthday. Yes, it's all about me.
x. cars = M3's

have you...
x. ever cried over a girl = Yeah. Well, I think, I don't really understand this question.
x. ever lied to someone = Me? No!
x. ever been in a fist fight =Haha..I try to stay away from those.
x. ever been arrested =Nope.

x. shampoo do you use = Whatever people have at the pool
x. perfume do you use = I did use Abercrombie 8 to fit my preppiness, but I ran out.
x. shoes do you wear =MY ghetto white skechers, or my boots.
x. are you scared of = A lot

x. of times I have been in love? = 0
x. of times I have had my heart broken? = 0
x. of hearts I have broken? = 0
x. of continents I have lived in? = 1
x. of illegal drugs taken illegally? = 0
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? =I'm not sure. Probably not many.
x. of people I consider my enemies? = 0. I think.
x. of cd's that I own? = a lot. Most of which I don't even listen to.
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = a few.
x. of scars on my body? = Like two. I'm boring
x. of things in my past that I regret? = Not much. Or I mean, I regret little things, but nothing big or significant.
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I'm tired.

I saw Signs today, I so regreted seeing it in the middle of the movie because I thought I was going to shit my pants of petrification. But the Aliens were kind of funny looking and at least Sara was there to scream with me.

Jade was some place the other night and she said there was some really good band there who she thought should come play at L3 (or as she would say "that place you go to all the time to see those bands play") I looked for some of their mp3's but I couldn't find any, but I thought she had an idea there. But I have no idea how one's band would go about playing there. Hm.

I really have no idea what I'm going to do next week, or the week after that. I mean, I thought I was bored this week. Nexy week I have no swimming, no kids to watch and no Cassi. Ah, I might die of nothing to do. If someone wants to come kidnap me and take me on an adventure you would be super-rad.

Dude, Nathan is so annoying. Stop talking to me boy.