August 6th, 2002



Ahh, I have to stop going online as much. My brain is turning into mush. Any tan that I acquired in Maui is gone because of my lack of sun exposure over the past few days. I watched Walk to Remember" today. Corniest movie. Sweet in its own way, but seriously, something like that could never happen in real life. I think they might have edited out the part in the movie where it turns out that he just made a bet with his friends that he could get into Mandy Moore's pants. The things people will do to make something PG so they can attract a larger audience.

Anyhow, tomorrow, after my normal morning routine, I'm going to Telegraph, I think. Yay! I'm getting out of the house. Haha, Anthony asked me to marry him today. He is so cute. But then he said we couldn't because I was nine years older that him. I neglected to inform him that I am in fact marrying someone nine years older than me. Haha.

The good thing about his house is that they have an endless supply of Soda and teddy ghrams and candy. And I get payed 2/9 of a cent every second which is something at least.