July 4th, 2002



So yesterday I hung out for most of it, being extremely bored. At 3 we met Gretchen and Alissa on Telegraph, I didn't get anything though. I barely new either of them at all, so it was pretty quiet but both of them are really nice and I got to know them a little bit better. After that Cassi and I had to go over to the Shattuck bart to meet our Dad in the city because his firm had tickets to the Who concert. The whole BART ride I had to pee really badly and funny things kept on happening. When we were leaving BART I seriously thuoght I was going to pee my pants and I couldnt find my card, so I just pushed the little thingies that open, and I set off the alarm. So CAssi and I just ran for our lives, while I was trying not to have an accident. Finally when we found our dad I got to a bathroom and then we went to a Limobus to drive us to the Shoreline. There was lots of traffic but we got there right as Counting Crows was starting. We had okay seats, some people in my dads firm had like 10th row, but we weren't horribly far away.
Counting Crows were good, we saw Matt Whalen while they were playing. HE had really good seats. Later on while we were getting some candy while waiting for the Who we saw Anna, selling jewelery and stuff. She is really nice. WE also met this very friendly girl, who was a bit odd, but nice. She dissapeared mysteriously after talking to her for about 5 minutes.

The Who were really good. They played a whole Tommy encore, which I was very very tired for, and very very cold, but it was still good.

WE got back at like 1 and I slept until 9, missing the Piedmont Parade that I was supposed to be in.

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Which song do you wish was written about you?
Um, I don't know. I got to ponder on that one for a moment.

Which book character would you like to have been?
Hermoine Granger. Hogwarts looks like so much fun, and I wish that I were a witch. Plus, she is very smart.

What is the most played cd in your whole collection?
Karen's cds (or any mixed cds, for that matter. Mixed cds are better), Stroke 9, Aquabats and The Split EP.

What's your favourite day of the week and why?
Saturday, Most of the time. No school, fun stuff. Sometimes shows.

What is your shortest relationship?

How many dead people have you seen?
A lot in movies.

What is your favorite finger and why?
My thumb. Humans are very lucky to have thumbs, you know. Think how difficult life would be without them.

Quote me something from memory.
"You always have it your way baby, but someady your gonna see its not about how much you pay" (I have it HORRIBLY stuck in my head right now)

Define 'love' without using a dictionary.
a mix of personalities clicking so that you really really like someone, and lust and hormones.

The last thing you said to one of your parents was?
MY dad ALSO asked me if I wanted to go see the fireworks and I said "If we must"

When was the last time you threw up?
I almost threw up the other day at Picante when Pineapple fresca came out my nose. But the last time I actually threw up was a great while ago.

Please please tell me now, is there something I should know?
I love you. I can't hold it in any longer.

Guess how old you'll live to.
Pretty damn old.

And on your gravestone it will say?
I don't know.

What is your greatest fear?
Falling off of a cliff.

Who is your worst enemy?

What color are your socks today?
I'm still in my pjs and no socks.

Fact or fiction?

Found it, found it and lost it, or still looking for it?