June 26th, 2002



dude, my life is boring. I have nothing to write about. Okay, so here was my day. I wake up this mornging and go swimming and almost fall asleep in the pool. Luckily, since I went yesterday afternoon I didn't have to do as hard of a set as the other people, which warmed my little heart. Then I went to camp, but got breakfast on Telegraph first, and who do I see there? Jaque!!! He was going to work but I miss him so much! He is really cute too. Cute black football player. Chelsea is jealous now. Then I went to camp and bored the living hell out of myself. nothing exciting happened so I won't go into it. Then I came home and played 007 with Jade and got to a new level! Oh joy. Oh nerdiness.

Now I am talking to Cassie Churchill. I want to block her but I dont want to be mean. Ech.