June 23rd, 2002


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**10 Bands You've Seen Live**
1. the kgb
2. solemite
3. the locals
4. the phenomenauts
5. link 80
6. cake
7. the rolling stones
8. the beach boys ( oh yeah...i'm so cool.)
9. smashmouth ( once again...so cool.)
10. the aquabats
**09 Things You're Looking Forward To**
1. maui
2. going to pacifica ( which i will...because i HAVE to.)
3. sleeping
4. more summer
5. getting my money for watching annoying children
6. free tix to cake/modest mouse ( hopefully)
7. great america
8. hopefully meeting some cool people i have yet to meet this summer ( julie, emily, etc)
9. this boring day ending.
**08 Things You Wear Daily**
1. bra
2. underwear
3. a hair band
4. bathing suit (for part of the day at least.)
5. a top.
7. bottoms
8. footwear
**07 Things That Annoy You**
1. toe socks
2. my parents unreasonable rules
3. socks with sandals
4. being so tired all the time
5. cold pools
6. annoying people...
7. bummer twins & ti (haha)
**06 Things You Touch Every Day**
1. my hair
2. the computer key board
3. food
4. a pool
5. a sink
6. a toilet
**5 Things You Do Every Day**
1. sleep
2. talk
3. eat
4. listen to music
5. read
**04 People You Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With**
1. a hot boy
2. karen
3. madeliene
4. simone
**03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over**
1. I would get sick
2. of any movie
3. no matter how bad it was
**02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment**
1. Statecontrol-Hives
2. lover of loving love-aquabats
**01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With**
1. i do not know.

in other news: my check from TAing arrived. $125. not bad considering i showed up about 4 times...

i need sleep

Just got back from a swim meet. I swear, if Jon did not get so pissed about me never going to them, I would never go. They are so boring and I have to get up so early. I had to drive all the way out to San Ramon today (which, by the way, I had no idea was near Pleasanton) and I didnt even do well. I really need to work on moving my arms faster for sprinting. Oh god, and the 100 free, well lets just say I died there. The one higlight type thing is there was some strange, yet hot guy walking around who's friends made him dress in a bikini top and he asked me to take a picture with him and he put his arm around me. I had no idea who he was ubt I felt special. Hehe. But then Katy said that he was annoying.

I have a new found love for the Nintendo 64 007 James bond game. I'm getting better. yay!