June 15th, 2002


one two three four

Wow, I think me and my parents just had what some would like to call a bonding experience. Seriously, we just went out to dinner at this strage, yet good place, and we were getting along so well, it was actually pretty great. Although most of the niceness was just an attempt to get on their good side, I have realized sometimes its just so much easier to be pleasant, and to avoid conflict. And once we were getting along, I felt no need to be the cynical bitch my family always accuses me of being(haha). Anway, they said we could go on the 21st (I nearly fell out of my chair.), but there was some lying involved ( I wasn't planning on lying, but Cassi did anyway). Our parents probably think that an adult, rather than a teenager who has had her license for a week. Also, we don't even know if Simone is coming, and she probably isn't. This wouldn't all be such a problem if my parents didn't talk to Adam, but they do, so um yeah, we will just have to see. But I hope it all works.