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Your Statistics.
-name:Down Town Jessie Brown
-what sex you are: Female.
-what gender you identify with: Female.
-age: Fourteen
-where you live: Oakland, California.
-height: 4'11-5'
-weight: 85 lbs
-hair color, length and texture: Brown, about a quarter inch past my ears, straight with a small flip.
-eye color: Brown
-nationality: All of over Europe. Mostly Russian and Irish.
-race: Caucasian.
-where you work: I don't have a job, unless you count babysitting which is on my street.
-where you go to school: Bentley High School
-siblings? names and ages: Cassi,14.
-parents? names and ages: Helen, 47. Ken, 46.
-who you live with: Parents and sister.
-which do you live in (an apartment/flat, house, condo, etc)?: our house (in the middle of the street...)
-how many piercings do you have and where are they?: Two in each ear.
-how many tattoos do you have, where are they, and what are they of?: None.
-what is your sexual preference?: the male gender.

Your Morals/Philosophy.
-what is your opinion of the death penalty?: Strongly against.
-what is your opinion on abortion? are you pro-life or pro-choice?: Pro-choice.
-how do you feel about the legalization of drugs?: I have mixed opinions. Don't ask me, I don't know which I would rather have.
-how do you feel about censorship? When is it okay and when isn't it?: Against, for the most part.
-what is your opinion on pre-marital sex?: Go for it.
-what is your opinion of RU-486 and the morning-after pill? Should they be legalized and more readily available?: I think so.
-How do you feel about cloning? Do you think it?s a good or a bad idea?: I don't see a good reason for it, although they could probably come up with some. Whatever.
-What is your opinion on stem-cell research?: I don't know all that much about it. From what I do know I have mixed views.
-How concerned were you about Y2K back when it was a serious issue to many people?: not the least bit.
-Do you identify more strongly as a pacifist or as an "eye for an eye" person?: A pacifist.
-Do you feel that Bush is a good president?: Not really. But I'm not into it that much.
-Do you feel Tony Blair is a good prime minister?: I wouldn't know
-If you're American, did you vote in the last presidential election? Who did you vote for?: I did not vote, I was twelve years old.
-Do you think that Martha Stewart should go to prison for her involvement in insider trading?: I was unaware of this issue. Knowing about Martha Stuart's issues are not one of my top priorities.
-What is your opinion of Howard Stern? How often do you listen to his radio show, if at all?: I think he is rather obnoxious, and only funny on occasion. I don't listen to his show, it's all about NPR, you know.
-Are you democrat/labour/liberal OR republican/tory/conservative?: I will probably end up being pretty liberal, most of my opinions are.
-Are you a feminist?: No, not really.
-How do you feel about Homosexuality? Are you homophobic, gung-ho queer rights or somewhere in between?: For.
-Do you believe homosexuals should be able to get legally married and receive the same benefits as heterosexual married couples receive?: Indeed.
-How do you feel about gays in the military? As boy scout leaders? As teachers? As church leaders?: Just because a boy likes another boy he shouldn't be able to have the job that he wants. Um, how much sense does that make?
-Would you say you are more racist or more open-minded about other peoples? races and cultures?: Open-minded.
-Do you look down on foreigners? (Are you a Xenophobe)?: I barely look down on anybody, they are all taller than me.

Entertainment Preferences.
-what musical styles do you like?: Good music.
-your favorite musicians:Good gracious ther eare so many.
-your favorite songs: So many yet again.
-If you have a CD book for the car, dorm, home, etc. what CDs are in it at the moment? I like mixed CDs.
-What radio stations do you listen to? Do you listen to the radio much?: I don't listen to the radio much. When I do it's in the car where I listen to lots of various stations (with Jade), or NPR/any classic rock oldie type station with my parents. (The Drive is the shit.)
-Do you like or dislike talk radio? Do you ever listen to it?: Yes, NPR. I heard a report this morning that Ginko Biloba does not improve memory. It made me wonder, well then, what does it do?
-What are your favorite television channels/stations?: I don't really have one.
-What are your favorite television shows?: American Idol, Smallville, Dawson's Creek, Real World, Sopranos. Haha, I really do have the best taste, don't I?
-Do you watch much tv?: When I have nothing better to do. But during the school year not really.
-Do you like to go to museums?: Some museums.
-What kind of art do you like?: I don't know the names of any art. I am uncultured like that. Um..good art?
-Who are your favorite artists?: Good artists.
-What are your favorite movies?: Fight Club, Amelie, Empire Records...anything with a cool ending.
-What is the last film you saw in a theater?:"Signs"...yeah.
-Do you enjoy going to see plays/musicals or any other kind of live theater? Do you see theater productions often?: Hells yeah. Musicals are the best.
-What are your favorite plays, if any?: I don't know, I really want to See Kiss Me Kate.
-Do you like to read? How often do you read? Are you a fast reader?: Yes, I like to read, I go through phases wher I read a lot, and others when I don't read as often. I'm a medium reader.
-What sorts of books do you like to read?:, well written-books.
-Who are your favorite authors?: I don't have one. I've found most authors have good and bad books.
-What are your favorite books?:Sister of My heart, The Giver, Cat's Cradle, The Bell Jar, Georgia Nicholson series (haha).
-Who are your favorite comedians?:Hmm.
-Do you like to play sports? Which are your favorites to play?: Swimming, yo.
-What are your favorite sports teams, if any?: Giants, Lakers, 49er's.
-What are your favorite sports to watch?:Anything that isn't too complicated or boring.
-Do you enjoy exercising? How often do you exercise? What sort of exercise do you do?: I swim a lot times a week, and I guess that is excercise.
-What are your favorite retail stores?: Mmmmm, one's that run small.
-Where do you buy your clothes?: All over.
-Do you enjoy shopping?: Most of the time.
-Do you buy things online? Where?: No credit card.
-Do you spend much time on the internet?: Waaay tooo muuch.
-What are your favorite websites?: Anything that kills my boredom.

Your Relationships.
-Do you have a husband or wife? What?s their name? What are they like?: I do not.
-Who?s your best friend? What?s their name and what are they like?: I have many best friends.
-Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What?s their name and describe them: I do not.
-Are you dating anyone? How?s the relationship going so far?: I am not.
-If you?re single, do you enjoy or dislike being single?: I don't really mind.-
If you?re sexually active, what?s your favorite position?: My goodness, my virgin ears!
-Who are your closest friends?: I have a lot.
-Which friends do you hang out with the most?: Probably my school friends, although lately I haven't really been hanging out with anyone all that much.
-Do you get along with your parents? Which do you get along with better?: For the most part, and I don't know.
-Do you get along with your siblings? Which do you get along with best?: Yeah,almost all the time.
-If you?re an only child, do you enjoy being an only child or do you wish you had siblings?: I'm glad I'm not.

Your Spirituality.
-Do you believe in God?: In a way.
-Are you religious? What religion/faith are you?:I'm Jewish in the sense that I go to temple and was Bat Mitzvahed and stuff. I don't agree with ALL of the Jewish beliefs, but I call myself a Jew.
-Are you a spiritual person?: Not really.
-What is your opinion of Christianity?: I don't believe in all of it, but whatever.
-What is your opinion of "cult" faiths (Mormons, Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, Moonies, Jahova?s Witnesses, etc.)?: Um, people can be what they want.
-What is your opinion of Seventh Day Adventism?: I don't know anything about this.
-What is your opinion of Moslem?: Isn't it Muslim...
-What is your opinion of Judaism?: Like I said I don't agree with all of it.
-What is your opinion of Hindu/Jainism?:I don't know much about either of them.
-What is your opinion of Buddhism?: I agree with some of it.
-What is your opinion of Unitarianism?: I don't know much about, but the idea seems like a good one.
-What is your opinion of Christian Science?: Don't know much about it.
-What is your opinion of Atheism?: I don't have a problem with it.
-What is your opinion of Paganism?: Dude, people can be what they want.
-Do you support the idea of converting others to one?s faith?: No.
-Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you believe in any sort of afterlife?:No.
-Do you believe in angels and guardian angels?: Nah.
-Do you believe in Satan or some other sort of devil?: No.
-Do you believe in demons? Do you believe that Demons can take over a person?s body?: Like in the exorcist..?
-Do you believe in Rapture (that God occasionally selects certain individuals to enter heaven without dying and that when this happens the person just dissapears)?: No, but wouldn't them dissapearing be pretty similar to them dying...I mean it would have the same affect.
-Do you believe in the Bible? Do you take it at face-value or do you believe it?s all symbolic?: I don't read the Bible.
-Do you believe that when you take the sacrement that it literally turns into the blood and body of Jesus Christ? (there is a technical term for this, but it currently escapes me): No.
-Do you believe in Creationism, Darwinism or another theory?: makes sense, don't it?
-Do you believe that the eyes are the window to the soul?: That was kind of random.

Your Experience.
-Have you ever done recreational drugs? Which ones have you done? Would you say you?re addicted?: No.
-Do you drink alcohol? Do you think you have an alcohol problem?: No.
-Do you have any mental/psychological problems? What are they?: Haha, not that I know of...
-Do you take prescription medications? When I'm sick.
-Do you have any physical health problems? What are they?: Not that I know of. I used to have a heart murmer.
-Are you sexually active?: Haven't we already asked this?
-Has anyone close to you died? Who?: Not extrememly close.
-What was the happiest day of your life?: I honestly do not know.
-What was the worst day of your life?:Don't know that one either.
-Have you ever attempted suicide or self-injured?: Nope.
-Have you ever had an eating disorder? (Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity/over-eating, etc.): Nope.
-Have you ever had plastic surgery? On what? If you haven?t had plastic surgery, would you like to?: No, and I don't think I would.
-Have you ever had any other sort of surgery? For what?: When I had to get my teeth pulled, I had 'oral sugery', but it wasn't actual surgery.
-Do you have any children? What are their names and ages?: Good lord no.
-If you?ve had children, how was/were your pregnancy/ies?:Ummm
-If you haven?t had children, would you like to? If you have children, would you like to have more?: Probably. Not for a long time though.
-If you?re married, how was your wedding?: non-existant.
-If you?re not married, would you like to marry one day?: Most likely.
-Do you like your current job?: I don't like to babysit.
-Do you like your current school?: I won't.
-What?s the last nice thing someone said to you?: Umm, my dad said I love you when he was leaving for work this morning.
-What?s the last nice thing you said to someone else? Who did you say it to?: I said "love you" back.
-Have you ever won anything? What did you win?: Yes, I've won many a thing.
-Has anyone ever proposed to you?: Not actually.
-What do you do for fun?: Friends, shows, fun stuff.
-Do you have a car? What kind?:I can' even drive.
-If you don?t have a car, how do you get around?: I get rides or public transportation.

-Do/did you watch American Idol? Who do/did you want to win?: Yes, I want Kelly to win.
-Do you like your first name? Your middle name?: I don't have a problem with my first name, I'm not too fond of my middle one.
-What?s your favorite color?: Hmm, I don't know.
-What?s your favorite soda?: Root Beer.
-Do you wear jewelry?: Only earrings.
-What?s your poison?: a lot of things are poisenous
-What?s your favorite theme park?: Hmm, I'm not a big theme park person.
-Which countries have you been to?: U.S., Costa Rica, New Zealand.
-What?s the last good joke you heard?: My dad told me one about a guy who fucked a goat.
-How good looking would you say you are on a scale of one to ten?: what?
-Any famous last words?: "I know I'm safe with Obe One and Yoda"

I'm bored. I'm babysitting today, woopdey fucking doo. Dad showed me some article about the S.A.T's this morning. It said that people did better with coaching and he implied that I could have gotten into CPS if I got coaching on the ISEE's. Um no Dad, because I got better than every girl I know and probably better than basically every girl who got in there. It also mentioned how the S.A.T's are going to change the year I take them, which kind of sucks because the only reason I did that whole John Hopkins thing was so I could have practice. Whatever. I swear my dad is already thinking about college, every s ingle article he sees that has to do with it he makes me read. Jeez daddy, I'm not even in high school yet!


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