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Posted on 2002.08.20 at 20:11
Another one!!

*Who the hell are you? Sum it up in 5 words.:I am Miss Jessie Brown
*Ok now tell me your name.: Jessie
*Last time you kissed someone, where (as in PLACE guyz, not bodily part) and why? probably in my house, because I was saying goodbye to my dad because he was going to work. (a dad kiss.)
*Last person you saw who you wished you had kissed: ummmm....
*Last big mistake you made: Not being more specific about my haircut
*People who really piss you off and why: Everyone pisses me off everynow and then.
*People who you adore at the moment and why: My friends.
*An object that you couldn't live without: computer.
*Favorite body part of the opposite sex: Not sure.
*Worst thing your parents ever caught you doing: I don't really do much.

*I have a terrible fear of: falling off a cliff.
*I can't stop: being online.
*Wouldn't it be weird if: hippos could fly.
*You enjoy mud wrestling.: false.
*You would ever consider becoming a Manpower member (if ur a guy) or playboy bunny (if ur a girl).: false.
*You think you rule.: true. Haha, no, I'm not that conceited, but I don't have such a low self esteem to say I suck.

Ahh, I think getting a computer in my room was a bad idea!! Seriously.

Turns out the new "Solecastle" is not so far away from my house.(which doesn't really matter because I'm not going there for a while) Haha, according to Justin it is in the ghetto though. He says he can see it from his bedroom window.


oscrew at 2002-08-20 20:21 (UTC) (Link)
yeah!! they're like 2 minutes fro Piedmont Ave!!
sooo much better than driving to kensington
jess_is_here at 2002-08-20 22:04 (UTC) (Link)


Haha, well, I don't plan on going there for a while but it still is very exciting!! Justin was like "you will be able to hear us practicing...well, not really but it will still be cool".

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