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I'm going to have a super-duper productive week this week. I AM GOING TO FINISH MY SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS! I will make a schedule for myslef that I will try(keyword here) to follow.
Work Schedule for the Week of August 18-25
Sunday-1 question off of the history sheet
Monday-2 questions, brainstorm for Essay
Tuesday-2 questions, intro paagraph(rough)
Wednesday- 2 questions, body (rought)
Thursday-2 questions, body (rough)
Friday-2 questions, closing (rough)
Saturday-2 questions, final draft
Sunday, 2 questions, final draft.
*Note: This does not need to be followed exactly. Feel free to get ahead, but try to avoid falling behind. This is for your own good Jessie!!

Once I get my assignments done I will be so much less stressed out. This way, I won't have to go on the retreat with everyone asking me how far I am in them, and me getting stressed when I hear everyone but me is done. That's my motivation.

Dude, I really want to go to Ashkenaz, but probably won't get to because either a)I will chicken out or b)my parents won't let me "sleep over at Ayesha's" that night because I'm going out the next one, and I will have just gotten back.


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