jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

bored, again.

10 things about you:

10. I am short
9. Jewish pride.
8. I have a twin.
7. I am superasian.
6. I am going to be a freshman in high school.
5. I, like millions of other easily influenced Americans, have fallen under the spell of 'American Idol'.
4. I wish I actually played a musical instrument.
3. I swim.
2. I like Math
1. I sing in the shower.

9 of your favorite things:

9. Swimming
8. Being with friends.
7. American Idol (haha.)
6. Hugs.
5. Twin E.S.P. (or S.A.T.E.S.P.)
4. Shows
3. Good music.
2. Jamba Juice/Juice Appeal
1. Laughing really hard.

8 things you hate (I don't like the word hate.. so I am changing it to dislike):

8. Pretentious fake people.
7. Breastroke sets.
6. Really tight pants. (They aren't comfortable.)
5. Mayo. (it's everywhere!haha.)
4. Summer assignments.
3. When my food touches other food.
2. Stupid extra-curricular requirements.
1. The Olsen Twins.

7 things/people you love:

7. Mummy.
6. Pappy.
5. Cassi.
4. All my friends.(that's right, all of you.)
3. Marion and Sheldon
2. The rest of my extended family.
1. EBAS and the whole scene.

6 people you wish you hung out with more:

6. My mom's side of the family.
5. Hot Shelly
4. Simone
3. Priya
1. Um, a bunch of people. Obviously I need someone to hang out with if I'm around the house all day filling out surveys.

5 people you miss:

5. My pappy (he is on the East Coast.)
4. All of my middle school friends who I haven't seen all summer.
3. The Maui crew.
2. Judy.
1. Charlotte.

4 things you wish for:

4. Someone who totally understands me.
3. The perfect smoothie.
2. My drivers license. (haha..Not for a while)
1. Webber toes socks.

3 things you want to change about yourself:

3. Less critical.
2. Less of a procrastinator.
1. Taller.

2 things you wish you could keep in your pocket:

2. $1000
1. My cell phone. It doesn't fit in my pocket.

1 thing you wish was here right now:

1. Someone to un-borden me.

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