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So, I just got back from Ayesha's. When we got there no one was there so we waited outside for them. While waiting the Solemite van passed right by her house, I waved a little, until I realized that whoever was in there had a chick with them. Haha.

Turns out that since I have been so out of it lately a bunch has happened. Everybody has gone out with everybody and have done so much shit, it's crazy and stupid because they are all trying to be something they are not.

All of my friends are also so boy crazy. Jeebus. Sara, Chelsea and I were walking to College Ave and there were some boys with skateboards walking across the street from us. Both of them started freaking out and decided that they had to follow them. So we walked to the block paralell to where they were walking, and they made me run so we could get ahead of them and then bump into the boys. They also tied up their shirts in the back. Haha, I feel so smart when I'm with Chelsea and Sara, even though I love them. They are hilarious though, they would be the perfect popular girls that were meant for you to laugh at in a movie. Anyway, we couldn't find the boys.

When we got back to Ayesha's house her parents called us in. Apparently Chelsea, Sara, Auds and Kiri were over at her house a few weeks ago and took some of her parents beer and tequila. They hid the beer bottles in the basement and her parents found them. Shit. How does this affect me, you ask? Well, this means she might not have the party on Saturday, which I probably need if we want to go to L3. ahhh.

In a way I love all of my friends to death, but at the same time I wonder why I even bother. Maybe it's just my criticalness but they are all just so pretentious. All of them are trying to prove to themselves, and everyone else that they are all so grown up and bad ass. While everyone, including themselves knows that we are all a bunch of goodie goodie rich kids with nothing better to do. If I were to meet them all right now for the first time, I really don't think I would want to be friends with many of them. Eh, I don't know. This is stupid.


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