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Posted on 2002.06.14 at 18:14
Eh, these past few days have been quite boring. Nothing to do. I suppose its quite nice just hanging around, but I am getting pretty bored. Next week is camp. I'm happy. Even though the actual camp part of it kind of sucks, the counselors are really cool, eating lunch on Telegraph everyday is great, and I like making new friends. Well, actually Cass usually makes the friends, seeing as I'm a lot shyer(is that a word?) than her.

I heard an interesting theory today. Someone said that Scooby Doo was a whole drug trip. Personally I have no basis of opinion to comment on this theory (seeing as I do not have Cartoon Network.) but he pointed out that the characters are always hungry, and how they always dissapeared to strange places, (could they be smoking?). Haha, I thought it was funny, and now I kind of (but not really) want to see the movie, just see if there is any sense in what he is saying.

Ok, for anyone who is reading this, I got a question. Have you read any good books lately? I need some books to read over the summer, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Let me know, mkay?



nerdydrea at 2002-06-14 21:51 (UTC) (Link)
the scooby doo theory isn't a fallacy, at all. the cartoon actually explains the whole sixties or seventies/hippie era. scooby and shaggy are the percentage of the population that were always getting high and stoned and such. that explains why they're always so hungry in the cartoon, due to extreme munchies. and "scooby snacks". how do you explain that? they also get lost and see random things and yeah. velma (i think) and fred are the population of the people in the sixties/seventies that were rich. that's why in the cartoon, they were the ones who always find all the clues and solve the mystery. and in the end, daphney (geh, spelling--but you get it) was the smart, educated, and hardworking population. she was the one who always put the pieces together and recapped everything.

:) creepy, huh?

my brother told me this. they learned about it. and now that i actually think about it, i don't disagree at all. if you match the facts with the cartoon, it all matches up. its strange.

jess_is_here at 2002-06-15 10:17 (UTC) (Link)


Wow, that is strange. I have never seen the cartoon, but if I ever do (of if by some strange miracle I get dragged to the movie against my will) I will definitely keep that in mind.

See, cartoons always have a deeper meaning.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-15 11:17 (UTC) (Link)


i don't know if the movie will give off the same ideas, maybe you should try watching the cartoon first.
jess_is_here at 2002-06-15 21:04 (UTC) (Link)


but don't have the Cartoon Network at the Brown household. We do have plenty of Japanese soap operas, however.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-15 21:57 (UTC) (Link)
for your half birthday, i'm buying you scooby doo empisode tapes.

:D hah.
jess_is_here at 2002-06-16 10:26 (UTC) (Link)


haha. Yay! Half birthdys don't get the recognition that they deserve.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-16 11:33 (UTC) (Link)


i was going to say your birthday, but i realized that your half birthday was coming up soon.

mine is in three days. :P haha...
nerdydrea at 2002-06-14 21:54 (UTC) (Link)
oh yeah, also for books:

- the endless steepe
- banner in the sky
- into thin air
- to kill a mocking bird
- lord of the flies
- the lord of the rings series
- flowers to algernon
- i know why the cage bird sings
- into dust
- matilda
- wayside stories


not so anonymous.
thickasthieves at 2002-06-17 03:17 (UTC) (Link)
sorry to go all anal on yo' ass, but for the purposes of library searches, it's flowers FOR algernon. & steppe, not steepe.

lord of the flies is awesome. tenth grade had the best required reading, totally.

& to kill a mockingbird? FUCKING WORD, DOOD. that book ROOLS.
nerdydrea at 2002-06-17 16:59 (UTC) (Link)


oh MY GOD. did i really say flowers to algernon? i soo knew it was flowers for algernon. :slaps forehead: do'h. i seriously did, i'm ever so sorry. i'm out of school two days and my mind is malfunctioning.

good lawdy. thank you, miz bond.

jess_is_here at 2002-06-17 18:47 (UTC) (Link)


thanks, I knew what you meant though. I actuually have Flowers for Algernon, but I haven't read it. So it's good you say? Well I will have to keep that in mind. I am currently reading 'Dune' by someone who's name I forget, but maybe I will read Flowers for Algernon afterwards.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-17 19:49 (UTC) (Link)


i highly suggest reading "to kill a mockingbird".


or "into thin air". because its a suspense/reality type thing. its very intriguing.

jess_is_here at 2002-06-18 16:59 (UTC) (Link)


I read To Kill A Mockingbird and Into Thin Air two years ago. I really liked TKAM but not Into Thin Air so much. I don't know, I was like 12 when I read it so maybe I was just too young to fully appreciate it or something.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-18 18:50 (UTC) (Link)


"Into Thin Air" would be pretty intense for a twelve year old. Maybe if you read it again, you'd be able to fully appriciate it because you understand it more. Jon K.'s use of vocabulary was really astonishing..But yeah--try reading it again. See what happens. It should keep you busy for a few days.

justlynx at 2002-06-14 22:41 (UTC) (Link)
1) perks of being a wallflower (i forget the author)
2) cold sassy tree (by olive ann burns)
3) where the heart is (by billie lets)
4) like water for chocolate (by laura esquival)
5) kristin lavransdatter I: the wreath (by sigrid undset)
6) complete tales and poems (by edgar allan poe)
--well, atleast those are some of my favorites. i am OCD reader.

jess_is_here at 2002-06-15 10:10 (UTC) (Link)


Thanks a bunch. My mom is on my back about reading more this summer, and personally I'm already sick with that crap they call daytime television, so I definitely needed some book suggestions.

Anyway, thank you!

cassofrass at 2002-06-15 17:16 (UTC) (Link)
scooby DOOBY do, where are you?

not so anonymous.
thickasthieves at 2002-06-17 03:56 (UTC) (Link)

wow, im a big nerd!

books are swell.

important literature:

*CATCH-22 by Joseph Heller is, in my opinion, the best book ever written, the Great American Novel, and the best war novel ever, one of the funniest books out there, and something every American should read. GO GO NOW GO GO GO GO.
*CAT'S CRADLE by Kurt Vonnegut is just bloody brilliant, deals with the absurdity of life & religion, and is also funny as hell.
*DEMIAN by Herman Hesse is kinda about the difficulties of growing up & finding one's own path. Awesome.
*A TALE OF TWO CITIES by Charles Dickens is soooo wonderful and romantic and captivating. I heart it a lot.

if you like fantasy, I recommend:
*The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. These books are simply incredible. Very dark, very complex, very romantic. The characters are amazingly real, and all the female characters especially are really great. Seriously, these books are some of the best ever written. The world is just soooo enchanting. The books are

there's also another book set in the same world, a standalone, that you could read before or after the trilogy, called THE INVISIBLE RING

& she also has one book set in a completely different world, THE PILLARS OF THE WORLD. super-good.
*The Chronicles of Tielmaran (I think) by Katya Reimann. SO FREAKING GOOD. The first book is called WIND FROM A FOREIGN SKY. The downside is that the series is ongoing and she's not done with it yet..but it's not quite a cliffhanger. BTW it's about a twin, & the first one has a lot of twin stuff.
*The Farseer Trilogy (I think) by ROBIN HOBB. About an assassin. Again with the so freaking good. The first one is called ASSASSIN'S APPRENTICE.
*SABRIEL by Garth Nix. It has a sequel called Lirael but I haven't read it yet (I hear it's a cliffhanger)...anyways Sabriel is also pretty dark & heavy (as are all the other fantasy stuff I've named so far) and if you don't like death you won't like it at all, but it's really beautiful and, like, lyrical...and is more aimed at a teenage audience, though it's definitely not for kids.
*The Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. Again, it's more suited for a younger audience but it's not kiddie stuff. Soooo rocking, it's about a gir (another twin) who wants to be a knight. I actually forget what the first book is called but I'm pretty sure it has ALANNA (the girl's name) in the title.
she also wrote another very cool quartet set in the same world, like 10 or 20 years later, called The Immortals, the first of which is WILD MAGIC, about this chick with special bonds with animals...wolves in particular. It's been a long time (four years) since I read those but I liked them a lot, except for the very end of the series. Ha. Anyways, Tamora Pierce rocks.
*The Belgariad & Malloreon by David Eddings. Actually they were written by David and his wife Leigh but she didn't get credit for a long time. These are two series of five each, and the Belgariad comes first. A bit more fluffy sword & sorcery stuff, but terrific characters, lots and lots of fun. (The Malloreon is somewhat darker.) The first one is called PAWN OF PROPHECY...and don't be turned off by the dumb titles. These are the books that really turned me on to fantasy (and the main character is such a hottie) and the Eddingses have written a zillion of them...there are three other companion books to the B/M, and another world with two trilogies, the Elenium & Tamuli. They are also really good and a lot of people prefer them but I think B/M are better. And I don't remember what the first one is called so that's that...

Yeah I used to be a really big fantasy nerd, as you may be able to tell, but I only liked the good, heavy stuff, none of that wimpy unicorn/lame dragons/talking animals crap for me. I know a lot more so if you want more recommendations, just ask.

not so anonymous.
thickasthieves at 2002-06-17 03:57 (UTC) (Link)

Re: wow, im a big nerd! CONTINUED.

HAHAHAHAHAH I actually ran out of room. Here's the rest.

Just Plain Important books:
*The Anne Series by L.M. Montgomery...these books are so incredibly wonderful and have shaped so much of my personality. They give me faith in the world and FUCK THE MOVIES. There's so much more to them than that. It all starts with ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, yo.
*The Bridget Jones books by Helen Fielding. So freaking funny and wonderful and perfect. BRIDGET JONES' DIARY is terrific (better than the movie), but I think its sequel THE EDGE OF REASON is even better.

This makes me miss books. I've read a lot of them in my time, if you want to talk about them or anything else feel free to IM me. rachelbond. woo.


P.S. You've read the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, right? If not. THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW. go. nowwwwwwwwwww.
jess_is_here at 2002-06-17 18:57 (UTC) (Link)

Re: wow, im a big nerd! CONTINUED.

Thanks so much! I love fanstasy and science fiction books, (I am currently reading 'Dune' by Frank Herbert which I am liking.) and I have read some of the ones on your list. anyway, thanks a bunch for the suggestions!

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