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well gosh durn

I am really pissed off at my mailbox right now.

Everday I come home and nearly fall over myself while running to my mailbox in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there could be some good news hiding in a big thick envelope. Alas, there never is. I guess I shouldn't be expecting anything right now anyway (it's only March 10 and I didn't apply to any UC's or public schools [where most people are hearing from]), but I can't give up hope! I'm not so much freaking out in the way of "oh my god I haven't heard from anywhere so I'm not going to college", I'm just more annoyed. Why must they torture me so? It seems like everybody else is hearing something and I have to wait! Aggh. Most notifications come out the weekend of Children's Hour (in fact, Brown's is just a couple hours before our opening show)-I'll either have a lot of happy energy, or a lot of angry energy-hopefully I'll be able to channel it into a good performance.


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