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Life is good. I am happy, despite the fact that I am tired all the time and currently phoneless (so give me your phone numbers, people!). I just want to enjoy the present and make the most of the time I have left here. The next month is full of awesome shit, and I don't want to miss them just because I'm too preoccupied with making it to Early April(because we all know what happens then!). Here's what's going to get me through the next five weeks:

-Taking dance classes (and making a fool of myself) with Christina.
-Kickboxing with Lisa
-Minimesters next week
-Children's Hour & helping out with Woyzcheck (sp?)
-Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers concert
-Metric Concert
-Turning 18 (of course) and getting a tattoo (if I don't chicken out).
-Being a real live waitress.
-Being a third trimester senior
-Figuring out an internship.
-Project Runway! (oh the suspense!)
-Balderdash, and maybe some Apples to Apples too?
..etc, etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch.

...and now I'm off to Camelot for some good ol' mini-golf, go-kart racing and bumper boats! :)

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