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Posted on 2002.08.08 at 08:44
5 things I hate:
3)stomach/head aches
4)not being able to stop biting my nails
5)dentist drills

5 books I could read over and over:
*The Giver
*Sister of MY heart
*Georgia Nicholson series
*CAt's Cradle
*The Bell Jar

5 movies I can't get enough of:
*Ghost World
*Breakfast Club
*Sixteen Candles
*Ferris Bueller's Day Off

5 CDs that you couldn't live without:
*Pop!..and other songs to keep your Summer Bumpin(mix)
*any of the ebas cds
*Word Up Bizzatch(mix)
*Back in the Day(mix)

5 things I like about myself:
*my toes
*My opinionated-ess(which I don't think is a word)
*My dedication
*My flutter kick
*My ability to suck up to people (Haha, just think where I would be without it)

5 celebrities I would have monkey sex with:
*Josh Hartnett
*Brandon Boyd
*Jimmy Fallon
*Hayden Christensen
*Anyone from B2K. (HAha)

5 things that make me cry:
*Not getting what I want
*If I work really hard for something and don't get rewarded
*mean people

5 places that I want to go to the most:
*Stanford(well that's where I want to go right now, but that will probably change seeing as I have a while)
*New York (Well, I have been there but I love it and want to go back.)

5 occupations I could see myself enjoying:
*idea (sorry for the swearing, but I needed a 5th word)

5 Best Concerts:
Ever concert I go to is great fun.

5 TV shows that I can stand:
*American Idol
*Real World
*Dawson's Creek
*Will and Grace

5 role models of mine:
Ack, I don't know.

5 things that have made me smile in the past 5 days:
*Karen's CD
*Getting paid
*Mike's post(haha, I know, I'm a nerd)
*The "Got Bagels" song.
*Jamba Juice

5 things I have to look forward to in the next 5 months:
*starting high school (I guess I'm sort of excited)
*Breaking 00
*New Years
*Solemite and KGB's new CDs.

5 things I enjoy doing:
*going online
*going to shows and listening to music
*making cds
*Being with my friends

5 coolest things that have happened so far this summer:
*Going to a ton of shows(what can I say? I may be a little bit obsessed)
*Went to Maui
*Went to Wyoming
*Met cool people such as Nora, Sunny, Patty, Alissa etc.
*swam a lot

5 songs that you connect with right now:
*Got Bagels, Got Bagels Bitch"-Jew Crew(haha!)
*Hot in Herre-Nelly(haha)

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