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Why do lesbians waddle?

Posted on 2005.12.21 at 21:40
Mood: tiredtired
Music: rick springfield-jesse's girl

My Brown essay is 1,045 characters too long and those characters are not going away. What to do!
edit: I now only have 325 characters to cut. By the time I'm through with this essay, it will be lifeless.
edit v2.0: I got it down under 3,500 characters. I hate it.

In other news, technology analyst Ian Pearson has proposed placing computer chips in breast implants so that one boob holds and MP3 player and the other one carries a woman's entire music collection. That is both creepy and fascinating at the same time.


30000__feet at 2005-12-22 07:05 (UTC) (Link)
"Why do lesbians waddle?"
....Was that a rhetorical[sp?] question?
jess_is_here at 2005-12-22 07:31 (UTC) (Link)
no, i want an answer actually. i just didn't want to post it in my actual post because some people might get offended. But honestly, I think a woman's gait is a good way to determine her sexuality. At least the really butch ones waddle. I mean, I understand that women do adapt certain physical habits (most of the times not entirely consciously) to make their voice, posture, walk, etc more feminine, and maybe a lesbian's waddle is to counteract that sort of stereotype and assume a more masculine step? But then again, most guys don't displace their weight in such an awkward fashion, so I don't really know.
30000__feet at 2005-12-22 08:13 (UTC) (Link)

Maybe it's just butch lesbians. It could just be something that happens when one decides that they're going to become mannish
chocolate_horse at 2005-12-22 17:51 (UTC) (Link)
i hate how you're never given enough space for college essays. my common app essay is 864 words (over the recommended 250-500 words, but under the limit of 6000 characters), and i'm thinking about just submitting it as it is. because it will really suck if i have to cut out almost half of it!
_august at 2005-12-22 18:35 (UTC) (Link)
ahaha. i think college admissions officers should do themselves a favor and get rid of limits. they might have a little bit more to read, but it would probably be a lot more interesting.

okay, my iBra idea was way better, by the way.
o_invertedworld at 2005-12-22 21:18 (UTC) (Link)
yeah dude i had to get my 1000 word columbia personal statement down to 600 words so i could submit it to the uc's. it was balls.
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