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The holiday spirit has gotten the best of me!

Example: Jessie on college admissions...
littlemissjesss: but if you think of it in the right way its kind of like christmas
littlemissjesss: because i mean, you'll get in somewhere and probably like it
littlemissjesss: it might not be exactly what you wanted, but it will still be something that you need and that was on your wishlist. I mean, how many times do you get your first choice gift for christmas? Sometimes it's just not realistic! You still usually are happy though, unless you are a brat, and if not, there are always refunds/transfer opportunities.
littlemissjesss: the admissions officers are like santa claus, assessing whether you've been naughty or nice. a rejection letter is like coal.
littlemissjesss: and it's a suprise!
bellezza said: hahaha
bellezza said: thats the cutest thing ever
littlemissjesss: hehehe
littlemissjesss: acutally, it's more like channukah because you don't find out all on the same day
littlemissjesss: and that is why jews are the dominant peoples.

In other news, I'm done! My tests went pretty well today and I'm so glad to be on break (although I'm sure complaints about work, apps and homework will be on their way soon enough). I'm super bummed about the plays, but whatever. I think I'll probably not do Ayesha's play though, I just really don't like Children's Hour and don't want to deal with a part I don't want. It's a waste of time. I'll get a job or do something cooler than spending time at rehearsal for a play and part that I'm not really going to enjoy. Blah.

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