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picture whore!

i just uploaded a bunch of pictures from halloween, cherry orchard, etc! go check them out: Jessie's Pictures

what can i say? what can i say?

i love hot sex!
ooh you make me live. ooh you make me live.

kirin and charlotte: my favorites! <3
an original greg dachner masterpiece. an original greg dachner masterpiece.

greg + post it's + high school dance = a work of art.
nora and meredith. nora and meredith.

lovers, at it again!
me and christine! me and christine!

meredith, gina, me and nora. meredith, gina, me and nora.

also known as jessie and the dave lovers! hehe.
meredith, jessie, and maia meredith, jessie, and maia

aww! aww!

gina sucks meredith's teet. gina sucks meredith's teet.

this is why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs.
toad jessie and jen... toad jessie and jen...

jen sucks because she didn't dress up
abbey road! abbey road!

the coolest costume idea ever. no wonder i'm [not so secretly] jealous of this group! they rock.
what a goon! what a goon!

a silly boy in even sillier glasses. :)

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