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random stuff, mostly having to do with college. sorry!

a couple of notable things:

-life is pretty good. i'm pretty happy. a little stressed (and at times, especially when i'm school, alotta stressed) but honestly things are going very well.

-i need to drop physics. part of me will never recover from the wounds this will inflict on my (not so secret) i'm-the-only-girl (besides christine!)-who-can keep-up-with-the-boys-in-science-and-math ego, but in the end i think my year will be a whole lot enjoyable without it. i really don't want to waste my time in a class in which will cause a lot of stress with what seems like very little reward. (not to mention a class where i feel compelled to give both the teacher and his silly little rules a swift kick in the nuts). i'll get over it. i'll take up another english or history class and get more out of it. it might not be the best choice by "the fo"'s standards (but no, how something looks on a college transcript can't determine everything. i refuse. i've spent too much of high school doing that and looking back i really regret that choice.), but i'm actually proud of myself for making this decision. i'm tired of putting myself in sucky situations when the way out is usually pretty easily attainable. i could go into some deep shit about the significance of this choice (or maybe it's just my justification for giving up and not wanting to the work?), but i'll save you from that.

-somehow, by being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time today, i become ms. foley's official "college counseling associate". a five minute meeting with her ended up in me helping her for almost three hours making forms and telling her what she needs to present to the students. i have no idea how that happened, but she seemed pretty excited and i (as usual) couldn't say no. oh well, it will help keep me organized, i guess!

-i'm not applying early to brown. i just don't feel comfortable enough that it's my most clear cut first choice (and will be in several months) to risk early decision (although i probably wouldn't get in). it's just not decision my often overthinking mind is ready to make yet.

-i need an idea for a senior project. i want to do one because i think it would be pretty awesome to get more involved or learn more about something i'm really interested in. problem is, i have no idea what that would be. wouldn't it be cool to make up a new language, like ataturk did (or tried to do?). eh, somehow i doubt such an attempt will be met with much sucess. but yeah, any suggestions are welcome.

-my ipod is very sick and i don't know what to do.

-i should go to bed. i'm talking to mr. becker tomorrow, so you all better hold me to it!

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