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well, well, well.

Posted on 2002.08.05 at 12:56
Mood: boredbored
Music: Going the Distance-Cake (so weird listening to them.)
At the end of this week I will be $160 dollars richer, and a whole lot more sick of little kids then I already was.

Oh god, I swam for the first real time in almost a month this morning. I was moving at sloth like speed. The added pain of not being quite adjusted to the time difference yet was definitely a downer. Jenny and her annoying voice is our coach all this week. She has the longest most boring sets. This morning we had to do 30x100's on a suprisingly slow interval, even for me and my out-of-shapeness. I completely zoned out during the set, and found myself thinking about the most random of things. Some of my thoughts we actually quite profound, I thought, especially coming from someone who may at times come off as passive and un-opinionated (which I don't want to think of myself as). I have a two week swimming break after this. I don't know what I am going to do with myself seeing as Cassi will be in school. I mean, I think I'm bored now? Good grief.

After swimming I went to watch Anthony. I read "Oh the Places You'll Go" By Dr. Suess. Maybe it was just my lack of sleep but that book seems to have a very strong message for such young children. It's good though. I think that everyone should keep a copy of it in their living room and every time they think of giving up they should read it. Haha, well, maybe I am just a nerd.

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