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sup bros.

Posted on 2005.09.07 at 18:49


jess_is_here at 2005-09-08 16:05 (UTC) (Link)
1. sarah peterson! my favorite roommate in the world. i miss you sooo much and i hope everything is going well for you at swarthmore.
2. coldplay, belle and sebastian (you had that shirt), 'lay lady lay'..i remember you loved that song, right?
3.hmmm. this is a toughie. for some reason i can see green apple, but don't ask me to explain.
4. contention, convention, tension, etc; if i were a lesbian!
5. i walked into my room and you were unpacking and asked me if i was an early riser. ooh, i had no idea what i was in for! hehe.
6. that greenis-bluish-greyish color of your eyes. that was you, right?
7. in high school, or even now, did you ever feel trapped in to the expectation of being the straight-a, hardworking, over-acheiever and feel like even if you wanted to loosen up, everyone's expectations were, in a way, restraining you from doing so? (okay, i don't know if that question made sense).
_august at 2005-09-09 18:46 (UTC) (Link)
i think that most of my pressure in high school came from within. i don't think that my over-acheiver niche in the high school social scene really came with any expectations...just assumptions. so when i did loosen up, it was a nice surprise for everyone. it's weird to be here, where everyone is a hard worker.
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