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-despite my complaints, it had been far too long since i had really kicked it with bentley girls. it was a good time. we got dinner, froyo, smoked cohibas (haha, we felt cool), somehow got ourselves invited to a college party at zbt and drank the strongest jungle juice i have ever tasted.

-i never, ever want to hear "satisfaction" by ben benassi again. it was cute when the hot european boys danced to it last summer, but when madeliene blasts it in my car five times in a row it's somehow not so cute.

-college freshman girls in berkeley are BREEZIES. i know i really shouldn't have a superiority complex to girls that are older than i am, especially when i'm a high schooler at their parties, but honestly, i don't understand the point in getting so done up and fake looking of you're just trying to go dumb.

-college guys, on the other hand, are okay by me.

-i somehow always end up getting separated from the group when i hang out with the bentley girls. (as alex says, the little one gets lost). i definitely did not wake up at zbt this morning, and alex, my car and my alcohol were all the way across berkeley. i never got my alcohol back, which is kind of dissapointing.

-my attitude towards cuddling still remains somewhat negative, at least when one is trying to rest. honestly now, sleep is for sleep and i need my space. all of this spooning business really just impedes on my comfort and getting a good night sleep.

-first kisses are nice, but i'm tired of them always being last kisses too. you know what i mean? eehhhh, whatever.

all in all it was a pretty fun night.

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