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i'm a slacker.

top 5 joys of the moment friends and the random adventures and unexpected good times we have. ipod & music.
3.alcohol & parties.
4. free dc at work.
5. hmm...ap scores? ew, i suck.

top 5 worries of the moment
1. i've barely done anything productive this summer.
2. i'm dissatisfied and i'm not sure why.
3. i don't want to become addicted to cigarettes.
4. summer is half way done and school is just around the corner (and i have so much work to do).
5. colllege stuff.

top 5 comforts of the moment
1. chilling with my friends (sometimes).
2. my bed & sleep.
3. coffee.
4. cigarettes.
5. working out.

top 5 peeves of the moment
1. my dad.
2. this fucking job.
3. my skin.
4. nothing ever seems to be happening or i never seem to have that much fun.
5. my dance party attempts are always unsucessful.
[i would add that i am broke, but pay day is tomorrow.]

top 5 songs of the moment
1. make you feel that way-blackalicious
2. get stupid (remix)-mac dre
3. layla-eric clapton
4. get off of my cloud-rolling stones
5. 99 problems-jay z
[6. sacco amaretto lime (sp?)-brand new]

that was stupid because comforts & joys and worries & peeves are very similar things.

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